Forms and Labels

Reading-Tutors provides downloadable/printable forms, certificates, letters, and labels to help you gather and record information, track student progress, schedule sessions, recognize achievement, identify and organize resources, and communicate with program participants.

Information Forms

Tutor/Mentor Information: For gathering information on each tutor
Student Information: For gathering information on each child being tutored

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Report Forms

Tutor Session Report: Daily report for the tutor to provide fairly detailed information on student performance after each session
Weekly Tutoring Report: For the tutor to provide a brief summary of each tutoring session
Tutor Attendance: To keep a record of the attendance of tutors in your program

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Tracking Forms

Used to track packet usage in each of the six reading skill categories. The tutor coordinator should fill out these forms.

Alphabet Tracking
Phonological Awareness Tracking
Phonics Tracking, Form 1
Phonics Tracking, Form 2
High-Frequency Word Tracking
Fluency Tracking, Form A
Fluency Tracking, Form B
Fluency Tracking, Form C
Fluency Tracking, Form D
Comprehension Tracking, Form aa-D
Comprehension Tracking, Form E-J
Comprehension Tracking, Form K-P
Comprehension Tracking, Form Q-T
Comprehension Tracking, Form U-Z

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Scheduling Forms

Used to schedule tutors and students on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

General Scheduling Form – Day: A form for scheduling all tutors and students for any given day of the week
General Scheduling Form – Week: A form for scheduling all tutors and students for any given week of the year
Tutor Weekly Scheduling Form: A form for scheduling an individual tutor's sessions for each day of a week
Tutor Monthly Scheduling Form: A form for scheduling an individual tutor's sessions for an entire month

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Downloadable certificates of recognition are provided for acknowledging tutor contributions and dedication. You will also find downloadable student recognition forms that you can print and give to children when certain milestones or goals are achieved.

Student Good Reader Award 1
Student Good Reader Award 2
Tutor Certificate of Appreciation

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Sample letters are provided to send to tutors and parents whose children are being tutored. These letters can be downloaded and used as written, or they can be adapted to suit your needs.

Letter to Tutors
Letter to Parents/Caretakers

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Packet Labels

Identifying packets for easy retrieval and tracking helps you organize and distribute your tutoring resources. Printable labels have been formatted for printing on label sheets. A complete set of labels can be downloaded and printed for the entire program, or you can print out labels by individual category.

Alphabet Labels: D'Nealian style
Alphabet Labels: Zaner-Bloser style
Phonological Awareness Labels
Phonics Labels
High-Frequency Word Labels
Fluency Labels
Comprehension (Leveled Reading) Labels
Complete Set of Labels

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