Packet Assembly

Tutor Packet Instructions


Having the materials well organized and ready to hand out will maximize the success of your tutoring sessions. Each tutor coordinator will likely have her or his own scheme for arranging the materials.

Getting materials ready for tutors can be time consuming. Recruit parent and/or student volunteers from upper-elementary grades, middle school, and high school to help. Assign separate tasks to volunteers:

  • Printing packets and books
  • Assembling books
  • Laminating (optional)
  • Stuffing packets
  • Labeling packets
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Each category of tutor packets, with the exception of the Fluency packets, has two PDF files to download. One file contains all the resources that go into a packet. The other is a PDF file of the companion book.

Many of the packet components--such as Tutor Teaching Tips, game boards and game cards, flashcards, picture cards, word and letter cards, workmats, etc.--can be used repeatedly. These components can either be printed on heavier card stock for greater durability, or they can be laminated.

Other components, such as the books and worksheets, are consumable and will need to be replaced after each session. Making extra copies of consumable materials for later packet refreshment will save you time in the long run. Remember, there is significant value in allowing children to keep the books for additional practice. We recommend that children being tutored always be allowed to keep the books to take home and read independently or with family members.

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How to Assemble a Book

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Packets can be stored in many ways for use during the terms of an active license. We recommend using a filing system, such as a plastic filing carton with hanging file folders. The file should be divided into the six major categories of packets. Within each category, you can have a subset of hanging folders for housing the actual packets. For example, create a subset of folders for each letter of the alphabet under the Alphabet category and a subset of folders for all the packets with each Fluency level or Leveled Reading level. One matching subset of folders should also be created for master copies from which to make additional packets and consumable materials that need to be replaced periodically. Remember, to maintain an active license for continued permission to use copyrighted materials.

You can either create a section devoted to Assessment with a subset of folders for each type of Assessment, or you can create an Assessment folder to be filed within each of the six categories.

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Since children will be taking home the companion books, the books will need to be replaced following the tutoring sessions. Having an extra set of books made up ahead of time to replace books given out from a packet will ensure that each packet is ready for the next tutoring session.

In addition, you will need to replace consumable worksheets. Having extra worksheets printed up and stored in a folder next to each packet will also ensure that the packet is ready for the next tutoring session.

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For continued instructional use of copyrighted materials, an active license must be maintained.

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