Reading-Tutors Samples

Find out more about Reading-Tutors materials by taking a look at our FREE sample packets with books. resource packets are organized into six instructional categories. Each category addresses skills and strategies that reading experts have defined as keys to developing successful readers.

Alphabet Sample

Twenty-six packets, each covering a specific letter of the alphabet. Each packet consists of a lesson plan for the tutor, an alphabet song sheet, a large letter card, an alphabet chant, handwriting sheets, picture/word cards, an alphabet book, and an alphabet game. Packets are available in either Zaner-Bloser or D'Nealian writing style.

Alphabet Letter I Zaner-Bloser Style Packet Book

Phonological Awareness Sample

Thirty packets devoted to teaching critical phonological awareness skills including word, rhyme, onset-rime, syllable, and phoneme. Each packet includes a lesson plan for the tutor, templates for making picture cards, a read-aloud book, a game, and a workmat for developing awareness of sounds.

Lesson 11 Sound Discrimination Packet Book

Phonics Sample

Fifty-three lesson packets, each covering a specific sound/symbol relationship--including consonants, vowels, digraphs, dipthongs and variant vowels. Each packet contains a two-part lesson plan for the tutor, along with picture and letter card templates, a workmat, a worksheet, a game and a decodable book.

Lesson 8 Introduction to the Letter H Packet Book

High-Frequency Words Sample

Twenty-four lesson packets covering the top 69 high-frequency words. Each packet contains a lesson plan for the tutor, a high-frequency word flash-card template, worksheets, a high-frequency word book, and a game.

Lesson 9 High-Frequency Words (and, like) Packet Book

Fluency Sample

More than 100 packets designed to improve reading rate and intonation. Each packet contains a lesson plan for the tutor, two reading passages, a graphing chart, and a word game and cards.

Level J Repeated Reading, J-2 Packet

Comprehension (Leveled Reading) Sample

More than 135 packets to promote comprehension. Each lesson uses a book written to one of 29 levels of difficulty. Each packet contains a lesson plan for the tutor, a leveled reading book, a vocabulary game, and a graphic organizer.

Level G The Food We Eat (Nonfiction) Packet Book

Multi-Session Fluency and Comprehension Sample

40 packets, each containing lesson plan, vocabulary cards, leveled fluency passage, leveled reader, grammar game cards, game board, progress chart, graph, comprehension question cards, and a comprehension quick check.

Level Q Sharks (Nonfiction) Packet Book