Reading-Tutors materials have been extensively reviewed by experts. Here's what some of them have to say:

Makes Tutoring Sessions a Success

"Reading-Tutors is a much-needed and invaluable resource for literacy tutors. Today, we rely increasingly on tutors to help struggling readers. Yet, often these tutors are untrained volunteers who need assistance with how to help children with reading. Reading-Tutors offers professionally prepared, readily accessible, and easily used materials to make each tutoring session a success for both the tutor and the child. Tutors, teachers, parents, and children will all be thrilled with this product!"

Bonnie Armbruster; Center for the Study of Reading; Chicago, IL

Must-Have for Every Tutor's Toolbox

"Reading-Tutors packets should be in every tutor's toolbox. The tutor packets are well designed, students like them, and they are simple to use. Best of all, they are affordable for use in professional or peer tutoring programs."

Thom Redicks; President; National Tutoring Resource Center

Enhances the Power of Mentoring

"We have seen the positive effects of mentoring for children with disabilities. The power of mentoring is enhanced by the structured reading content available through Reading-Tutors. Plus, it's an affordable option for school and community literacy programs."

Amy Freeman; Special Needs Literacy Grant Coordinator; Putnam County Ohio Educational Service Center

Builds Critical Confidence

"It's all about confidence. With Reading-Tutors, the tutor knows the selected books and lessons are appropriate for the reading level of the child. Children are successful readers because they learn reading strategies at the right level. And the Reading-Tutors lessons help extend learning in a fun way!"

Sue Arnold; Program Coordinator; Literacy; OSU Extension; Findlay, OH

Prescriptive Approach for At-Risk Students

"Since Reading-Tutors is aligned to the 'Five Big Ideas' (phonemic awareness, phonics/alphabetic principle, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension) identified by the National Reading Panel, we are excited to pilot this prescriptive approach to tutoring at-risk students. The design of the tutoring packets empowers volunteers, older students, instructional aides, or teachers to provide directed practice on skills not yet mastered."

Nancy Lyon; Title I Teacher Facilitator; Amphitheater School District; Tucson, AZ